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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Questions answered by Chris Chung, VP Game Publishing, NC Soft

  1. Guild War changed MMOG dramatically, is something like that likely to happen again?
  2. Can online advertising and MMOGs mix be a good thing?
  3. How many concurrent players are there at peak hours in GuildWars today? (From Nathan)
  4. Could you clarify the relationship between NC Soft and Arenanet? (from Desiree)
  5. What are the other projects you have in preparation? We heard a lot about Tabula Rasa, the new game from Lord British. Where are you with this one?
  6. Could you describe your R&D department? Which percentage of your budget are you spending in R&D? (From Doug)
  7. Will you make the game accessible via console in Japan given the market? if not how will you attract gamers? (From Virginie)
  8. Are there no differences in gameplay preferences between different regions around the globe? Is the kind of gameplay experience offered by Guild Wars well liked all over?
  9. How do you decide how much free content to release to keep players interested while still getting them to pay for expansion packs? (From David)
  10. What are the key challenges associated with speeding up game development and the associated costs?
  11. How many server CPUs are in each data centre? (From Nathan)
  12. How many sales have you had in Korea vs. US vs. Europe? (From Jason)



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